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Business Transformation


Complete Digital Transformation

Research shows the biggest determinant of success or failure of a digital transformation is decidedly not digital. For digital transformation to take hold in an organization, the technology changes need to be fully aligned with the business strategy and the people in the firm—from the front line to the executive suite.

As former industry executives, we understand the struggle you face in achieving this alignment. That is why we embed the work necessary to build the required coalition into each of our digital transformation projects. No two Inspirant engagements are the same because no two Inspirant clients are the same. The one thing they all have in common is they include a plan for People, Processes, and Technology.



People are the heart of an organization and therefore are also the heart of a transformation. Inspirant involves end users in not just the implementation of change but also in the design phase. This allows the change management process to start at the very beginning. It provides a sense of comfort to the entire user population to know that their concerns, and more importantly ideas, have been represented throughout the process.


Before developing a technology solution to support a process, the process itself needs to be optimized. Inspirant Group's process experts will evaluate your existing or proposed processes to assure they are optimized not only for total efficiency but also in line with your brand position, corporate strategy, and company culture.


Inspirant Group is dedicated to delivering the right solution to your problem. Our diverse pool of technology experts will design and deploy the right technology solution for you. Then, partnering with your users and our people experts, they will make sure the solution delivers the intended outcomes and that your people know how to use it. 

Strategic Process Optimization

Anyone can do process improvement. Strategic process optimization, on the other hand, takes more than formulas and frameworks. It takes experience. We will make your processes more efficient but we will do so strategically.

It doesn’t even take a Six Sigma Black Belt to write “DMAIC” on a whiteboard, map your processes, and find some inefficiencies. Queuing theory can even calculate, with great accuracy, the time and money “fixing” these “issues” will save you…

But what if these “issues” are really your differentiators? Vienna Beef discovered that the “inefficiency” of their old factory is what led to the unique color and ‘snap’ of their hot dogs. Making the process better made the product worse!

Could what looks like unnecessary manual processing in your company be seen as a “personal touch” or “quality control” to your customer? The only way to know is dive deep—get to know your culture, your firm, and what your customers actually value about your product or service. In the end, Vienna Beef didn’t have to move back to their old factory. They just needed to create a room that simulated the environmental changes the caused by the inefficiency . They achieved efficiency without sacrificing what the customer valued. We can do the same thing for your business processes.


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