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What is an Unconsultant?

Inspirant Group is made up of experienced professionals with an innate ability to solve problems, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and a desire to work with other fun people with those same traits. We call those people Unconsultants. In addition, Unconsultants...


Have Integrity.

Which means we…
Are driven
Are dedicated
Only do high quality work
Act with grace
Take the high road
Are pragmatic
Are realistic
Are humble
Are willing to say "I'm wrong"
Are authentic

Care About the Greater Good.

Which means we...
Challenge each other to help us grow
Have everyone's best interest at heart
Are thoughtful and diplomatic
Are mentors
Are genuine
Are willing and open to learn
Act with compassion
Value people first

Get It Done.

Which means we...
Are efficient
Are committed
Are self-directed
Are calm
Are problem solvers
Are not afraid to take risks
Are willing to lead when no one else is
Are Innovators
Always push the envelope
Make big moves


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