Business Process Analyst at Inspirant Group

We are looking for a Business Process Analyst Unconsultant.

  • Do you see broken processes everywhere you go?

  • Can you speak fluently between IT and business stakeholders?

  • Do you hear “we’ve always done it this way” and think “look here for opportunities to improve”?

If you answered yes to these questions, we want to talk to you.

Inspirant Group is looking for an experienced Business Process Analyst (BPA) to support our clients in their digital transformations.

An Inspirant BPA:

  • Understands not only process improvement and business strategy but also the importance of human capital in any change planning.

  • Is obsessed with strategic efficiency. (Being absolutely the most efficient possible within the framework of strategy).

  • Doesn’t just look for ways to automate current processes but designs automated processes to meet tomorrow’s demands.

  • Easily makes connections between seemingly disparate events, concepts, causes, and solutions.

  • Takes action when the solution to a problem is simple, even if it isn’t their responsibility.

Here are Some of the Tasks You’ll be Responsible for:

  • Interviewing process participants to understand exactly how their processes work, ensuring alignment, consistency, and best practices.

  • Documenting process information in support of the client’s preferences with an eye on improvement.

  • Analyzing process models as they are (As-is), compare them to the future and improved designs (To-be) and determine the necessary changes for arriving at the improved state.

  • Designing business processes and managing any subsequent changes to them.

  • Identifying, documenting and analyzing business rules that govern the implementation of business processes.

  • Testing and executing processes to ensure that the right results are achieved.

  • Examining processes holistically to understand the impact of changing them on people, strategy, existing software applications and general business operations.

  • Collecting feedback on process performance to aid in continuous and future process improvements.

  • Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of processes to ensure consistent value delivery.

Here is What Sets an Inspirant BPA Apart:

  • Identifying opportunities to maximize current technology investments and optimize system processes and data flows.

  • Identifying and assessing new technology and concepts that can add value to the business.

  • Facilitating appropriate business involvement in project teams to build ownership for solutions.

  • Defining, managing and/or performing the design, testing, implementation & documentation of IT systems according to agreed timelines, business requirements, regulatory requirements and global standards.

  • Liaising with the operations teams and act as the technical analyst to ensure the new functional configuration is moved into production environments without unintended impact on business units.

What is an Unconsultant?:

  • An experienced professional with strong subject matter expertise (read: 10+ years of experience).

  • Someone  who may have some previous consulting experience, though it’s not required (read: some time at a Big 4 would be nice).