Company Culture, Onboarding, and Employee Engagement


In this powerful episode, our Director of Learning and Development, Carrie Missele, talks about her passion for company culture, why businesses are only as successful as their people and how organizations much listen to employees to drive positive change and growth.


00:58 – Carrie Missele and her role at Inpsirant Group
01:35 – Company culture and what a people-first organization looks like
03:15 – Micro cultures
06:02 – Perception vs. Intent and getting feedback from your people
08:20 – Psychological safety and internalizing feedback
09:30 – Employee engagement and the typical onboarding experience
12:13 – Collateral damage of a negative onboarding experience
14:35 – Putting people and culture at the center of onboarding
16:40 – Immersity’s origin story and Carrie’s inspiration
19:58 – Building a product and the talented team behind Immersity
23:15 – Modules, customizations, and tools from our culture immersion program
27:43 – What clients have experienced and benefited from our pilot programs
31:17 – Inspirant Group’s takeaways from going through the program
33:08 – Kudos to Carrie and the team for building Immersity

Show Notes:

Immersity is a culture immersion program brought to you by Inspirant Group. Take our survey and get a personalized report on how your onboarding efforts compare to your peers. Learn more at

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Published Date:
January 8, 2021

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