Retrospective of 2020 and Our Pillars of 2021


In this episode, Daniel chats with our CEO, Meighan Newhouse. They do a high-level retrospective of 2020 and then discuss the pillars that will guide Inspirant Group in 2021. This is a great episode to learn more about Inspirant’s culture and get some insight on Daniel and Meg’s personalities.


01:50 – How do you pronounce “Inspirant”
02:12 – Retrospective of 2020 and how Inspirant approached a difficult year
08:43 – Recap of our 2021 Pillars in a year of stabilization
09:29 – Experiment (approaching the year as an experiment)
14:20 – Embody (live out our values and practice what we preach)
22:05 – Empower (be our best selves and own our careers)
25:28 – Meg’s words of encouragement for the new year

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Jan 18th, 2021

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