The Show Must Go On: Taking Your Training to the Virtual Classroom

New employee on-boarding, yearly compliance refreshers, and new software releases are just some of the reasons you might need to get all or part of your team together for training. As COVID-19 sweeps across the country, gatherings of large groups are discouraged, and many teams are working remotely. Yet, those training needs remain vital while simultaneously becoming more difficult to fulfill. That is where the virtual classroom can help. Your options range from virtual instructor led training (vILT) to Digital Adoption Platforms and many things in-between. The modality of learning delivery is determined based on both content and intent.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

vILT can be an engaging and interactive learning experience when executed correctly. With vILT, an instructor leads the training in real-time using video communication, virtual whiteboards, and interactive polling. This is the closest thing to in-person instruction you can get.


Computer (or web-based) training provides endless opportunities for engaging participants in a variety of concepts, from learning new technology to running an effective meeting. eLearning is asynchronous computer-based training that allows your users to experience the lessons when it is right for you. eLearning is most effective when focused around one topic and delivered in bite-sized modules.

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP)

A DAP is perfect for software training. The DAP overlays your software and provides real-time training and guidance to your team while providing analytics to you and your developers about where users are getting stuck. This improves your users’ experiences by offering the information they need at the moment it is needed and lets you prioritize new features based on quantitative data.

Date Published:
March 12, 2020

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