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Strategic Organizational Learning
Corporate University Development

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The ultimate goal of every corporate university is the same—keeping the organization and its people competitive in a changing marketplace

Whether you start your university to manage change, retain millennial talent, create a corporate culture, or any of the other goals a corporate university can help you achieve, the real objective is always business success. We've been on that side of the table. We won't get lost in the theory and forget the end goal is for your organization to achieve its objectives.

Implementing strategic learning in your organization has never been easier.

Based on the latest research and years of experience, our framework draws from both cutting-edge and time-tested best practices.

Download our full research report and Corporate University Development Program overview to learn more about strategic organizational learning and how Inspirant Group can help you get started.


Research Highlights

Don't have time to read the full research paper? These short videos have you covered.

What Is a Corporate University?


Why Should I Create a Corporate University?

Millennials & Sharks & Corporate Universities

The Four Phases of Corporate University Development



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