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As former clients and consultants, we recognized the client/consultant relationship status quo was flawed and had a vision on how to fix it. Cookie cutter solutions deliver messy results. No business is the same, no strategy is the same, no transformation is the same. We partner with you to understand your people, your strategy, and your culture and allow those factors to influence every step of the transformation process. We will not give you more services than you need. We will not offer you less than you require. We will not try to force your problem to fit within our solution.



Designed for You


People are the heart of an organization and therefore are also the heart of a transformation. Inspirant involves end users in not just the implementation of change but also in the design phase. This allows the change management process to start at the very beginning. It provides a sense of comfort to the entire user population to know that their concerns, and more importantly ideas, have been represented throughout the process.


Before developing a technology solution to support a process, the process itself needs to be optimized. Inspirant Group's process experts will evaluate your existing or proposed processes to assure they are optimized not only for total efficiency but also in line with your brand position, corporate strategy, and company culture.


Inspirant Group is dedicated to delivering the right solution to your problem. Our diverse pool of technology experts will design and deploy the right technology solution for you. Then, partnering with your users and our people experts, they will make sure the solution delivers the intended outcomes and that your people know how to use it. 




Built for You

We call them Value Based Teams because that is what they are there to do—provide value. You will never have a team of junior resources working on your project. We hand select experienced professionals that are right for our work with you. If we don't have the right people, we won't take the project.  Similarly, we won’t bill you for resources that aren’t being used. Your project budget is not our bench fund. Each team member has demonstrated the integrity to highlight what is best for the client even if it means less revenue for the firm. 


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