Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend Recruitathon


We know you don’t need any more convincing to join us 10/25 at Punch Bowl Social for Recruitathon. But, if you have a friend who is on the fence, here are ten reasons you…they… should go. (If you haven’t registered yet go to

Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend Recruitathon

10) Punch Bowl Social is a fun place to be.

9) You will get some sweet Inspirant SWAG at the door.

8) You’ll be entered to win an Apple Watch, 4th Row Chicago Bulls Tickets, and More.

7) It is always good to meet new people.

6) Free drinks.

5) You can record Thursday TV and fast forward through the commercials on Friday.

4) It may be the last chance to go out before the first snow.

3) It’s better than doing laundry.

2) You’ll get to meet us!

1) You get all of this and it is FREE!

Now you have 10 reasons to


to register now!

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