February 20 2019 - BuiltIn Chicago: The ‘unconsultants’: How Inspirant Group's values upend traditional consulting.

Consultants get a bad rap. Across the board, they have a history of overpromising, overcharging and underdelivering. That's not so at Inspirant Group, where the idea is to challenge those stereotypes at their core. They’ve set out to build a team of what they call “unconsultants” — those unique individuals who put integrity first, care for the greater good, and do whatever it takes to get a job done right.

November 9 2018 - Inspirant Group Names Len Musielak Head of Marketing

Digital Transformation Unconsultants expand leadership team to meet growing demand

November 9 2018 - Inspirant Group Names Mina Arsala Chief Operating Officer

Digital Transformation Unconsultants add marketing role to grow brand awareness and lead thought leadership

August 17 2018 - Inspirant Group announces launch of new website.

Inspirant Group, Inc., a digital transformation advisory, strategy, and execution firm, has officially launched a web presence to expand the reach of its business and provide resources to businesses considering digital transformation.