A Culture Immersion Program


What is Immersity?

A well-executed onboarding program, as part of your overall employee engagement strategy, sends a clear message that your company is committed to supporting your team members’ growth. To help with this, our team at Inspirant Group created Immersity: A Culture Immersion Program, a customized solution that consists of learning modules to fit individual needs. Throughout our consulting work with clients, we’ve seen a need to develop a program to help companies connect with their new employees by setting clear expectations that help them become immersed in their roles from day one.

The facilitated modules are easy to adapt to individual companies, ensuring a smooth process of implementing each learning unit. To learn more about the customized modules, see below.

If you’re curious about how your current onboarding program compares to others, or if you want help determining where to focus your energy in enhancing it, fill out the survey below and we’ll be in touch with your results.
Leadership Welcome &
Company Overview
Sharing organizational goals helps employees understand their roles in achieving them.
Get to Know
Each Other
Engaged and connected employees are happier, both at work and in their lives. Foster long-lasting relationships through group sharing.
Company Mission
& Vision
Both vision and mission define the purpose of the organization and instill a sense of belonging and identity.
Effective communication helps foster good working relationships, builds trust and improve morale and efficiency.
Business Etiquette
& Culture
Culture is what makes your business unique. Introducing a positive workplace culture on day 1 drives engagement, impacts happiness and satisfaction, and affects performance.
Emotional Intelligence &
Expressing Empathy
Emotional intelligence is the capacity to understand and manage your emotions. Help employees improve in critical areas of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.
Critical Thinking &
Decision Making
Empower your employees to think critically with the ability to use knowledge, facts, and data to effectively solve problems.
Examine the behaviors needed to build a trusting relationship with employees, colleagues and leaders.  Explore unintended behaviors and common pitfalls that can undermine trust in the workplace.  Understand and better manage the perception of others. 

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